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Everyone is very pleasant and professional. At first, I saw Beth Greenstein, a warm, caring social worker & psychotherapist and found her to be very helpful and easy to talk to but as my long haul covid worsened and I couldnt stop hyperventilating, I was referred to Dr Amander Hecker, a psychiatrist.
Dr Hecker is a wonderful, sweet, caring doctor and also very easy to talk to. She really listened to me and she found the right medicine which cured my long term Covid. I am very grateful to her and I highly recommend Boca Raton Psychiatry.

Roberta Haim

I can’t say enough of this office! Danielle always gets back to me via text or calls me back! I love the texting feature since I am a teacher and I can’t take calls.

Everybody in the office is so pleasant and helpful!

Lauren and Brent work with both of my children. Brent always calls me back to discuss my concerns with my son. He is so accommodating!

Dr. Phelps is always there for us day or night, during the week, and even on the weekends! He is so pleasant to work with. He is so professional and honest with us! He is a true gem to my family! He truly cares about his patients and has a wonderful demeanor.

This office has been a true life saver for my family!! Thank you for being there for my family!

Stacy Sadow

My daughter is 42 years old with a duel diagnosis of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. For 41 years I have taken her to doctors in both Pennsylvania and Florida, for the best care and treatment. Needless to say, we have been to many!

It is extremely difficult to prescribe the best medicines when the patient cannot express their feelings. Instead they act out and their aggression heightens. Not all Doctors can accurately prescribe the proper medications needed to keep them manageable without causing them to be overly medicated. That is why, I cannot rave enough, for the superb expertise that Dr. Richard Phelps has given Karen and our family. You can not get this level of proper diagnosis from just all psychologist. I highly recommend Dr. Phelps, who not only has a higher level of knowledge and understanding of this type of mental disorder, but is a caring and thorough doctor. As time goes on, as well as my daughter’s needs change, I’m grateful that he will adjust and stay current with the top, up to date medicines, that she may later need. He stays on top of keeping my daughter’s quality of Life, the best it can be!

Tara Mals

Dr. Hecker is probably one of the most thorough and thoughtful mental health professionals I have encountered. She takes a genuine interest and cares in a way that I have not encountered with other therapists/psychiatrists. She has helped me immensely and I am so grateful for our continued work together.

Jay Robert

I am currently a patient and have therapy with Lauren Berner and have Dr. Kaplan for medication management. I have gone through tons of therapist trying to find the right one and Lauren is amazing. She listens to me and never judges. She even goes out of her way to find me worksheets to do for when I don’t see her. She is truly a one of a kind therapist.

Dr. Kaplan also has changed my life. After being on different medications for years with no help, Dr. Kaplan gave me a diagnosis and prescribed the proper meds. For the first time in my life, I feel like a normal person without the emotional instability. Any time I have an emotional issue, she always calls me right away and helps me find ways to fix it. She listens to me and my concerns when it comes to certain medication and gives me advice.

I could not be happier to have found Lauren and Dr. Kaplan

Rebecca Siegel

I am in therapy with Lauren Berner and Dr Andrew Sorial is my psychiatrist. He is amazing and has truly helped me feel better. I have been depressed for so long I can’t remember every feeling happy. I even lost a relationship because of my depression. After a few sessions he targeted the right medicine for me, took me off what wasn’t working and I feel 100%. I stopped crying within two weeks. I am truly grateful to you Dr. Sorial and I wish we met ten years ago.

Stacy Koon

An amazing Dr. I have worked with many Psychiatrists & have had friends who have Psychiatrists. Dr. Phelps is highly skilled & truly strives to help his patients feel better. Dr. Phelps gives what is more precious than Gold & thats a better quality of life.

Anita David


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