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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder checking subtype involves intrusive thoughts, fears and/or obsessions that cast doubt and uncertainty that personal items may be lost, keys were left in the ignition, lights or appliances were left on, doors were not closed or locked or emails or text messages were written with errors and so forth. As a result of these obsessive fears/thoughts, people feel the need to perform compulsive behaviors and “check” to make sure the thought has been remedied. Often one will check to make sure their concern has been addressed. The behavior or compulsion is often completed multiple times within a very short time frame and can consume many hours of an individual’s day. This pattern can have a severe impact on one’s life (they can’t get to work because they have to return to make sure the lights are off repeatedly).

Common obsessions that are integral with Checking OCD:

  • Fear of accidentally leaving the cooktop burners or oven on
  • Fear of leaving the house and forgetting to close or lock the doors
  • Fear of losing personal items like a wallet, purse, money, credit cards
  • Fear of accidentally leaving water faucets running

Common compulsive behaviors that are integral with Checking OCD:

  • Repeatedly checking one’s stove or appliances to ensure they weren’t left on
  • Repeatedly checking the locks in one’s home, car, and/or room
  • Repeatedly checking to ensure one’s personal items are still with them
  • Repeatedly checking water taps to make sure they are off


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