Attention Deficit Disorder – Inattentive Type

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Attention Deficit Disorder is a behavioral and neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. This is pervasive, often age inappropriate and leads to impairment in one’s life. It must cause problems in two components of ones life (school, home, work and/or extracurricular activities). There is a high genetic component and some studies show a childhood prevalence between 5-7%. Its more common in boys than girls. Roughly 30-50% of people diagnosed in childhood continue to have symptoms into adulthood and between 2–5% of adults have the condition.

Common Symptoms: ADD Inattentive Type

  • Often has difficulty maintaining focus or concentration or staying on task
  • Overlook or miss details thereby making careless mistakes in school, work or other activities
  • Often appears to not pay attention or to not listen when spoken to directly
  • Frequently does not finish following instructions and simply dives right in
  • Failing to start and complete tasks
  • Often struggles to organize tasks and activities
  • Trouble meeting deadlines and staying on time
  • Trouble keeping belongings in order (a school back pack)
  • Often reluctant to engage in tasks which require sustained mental effort
  • Frequently loses items, including those required for tasks (school supplies, pencils) or a wallet/car keys for example in adults
  • Is frequently easily distracted by irrelevant things (starts homework and ends up on cell phone within minutes
  • Often forgets daily activities or is forgetful while completing them
  • Often late to appointments
  • Frequently overlooks details


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