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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with Ruminative or Intrusive thoughts involves forbidden, harmful, or taboo thoughts and impulses. These are often quite disturbing to an individual. For example they can question in their mind if they had incest or abused someone, often times they know they didn’t but continue to question if they did or did not. Another example is the very questioning of God if one is religious.

Common ruminations or Intrusive thoughts include:

  • Persistent questioning of your own sexual orientation, sexual interests or desires
  • Frequent intrusive thoughts that are often sexual or violent in nature, fear of hurting (abusing) someone
  • Disturbing thoughts of inappropriate sexual activities
  • Persistent worry that you’ll act on your intrusive thoughts or that having them makes you a bad person
  • Intense thoughts of constant perfection
  • Philosophical or existential obsessions, obsessions about religious ideas that feel blasphemous or wrong

Common compulsive behaviors that occur include:

  • Constantly checking to make sure one did not harm anyone around them
  • Avoiding certain places or people to prevent being triggered (clubs, bars)
  • Spending more time at a place of worship to combat the intrusive thoughts regarding religion
  • A long period of time spent pondering philosophical or existential topics
  • Constantly asking family, friends or loved ones if they did anything wrong (Have I ever hurt you?)


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