Janette Pellus LCSW

Life has shown me we do not have control over all situations in our lives, but finding meaning and purpose in these experiences can provide a framework for personal growth and development.  Empowering others to safely explore their thoughts and feelings, to understand the origins of their problems, and to experience greater self-awareness and self-acceptance has become my life purpose.

I am a therapist with many years of specialized experience in individual and group psychotherapy in a variety of challenging clinical and institutional settings. I use a broad range of therapeutic modalities with expertise in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Schema Therapy and Buddha Psychology.

I have always been drawn to the esoteric and the non-obvious dimensions of life and I began my career in the healing arts as a massotherapist and astrologer. My greatest joy is helping others see new capacities in themselves and experiencing a greater sense of connectedness. In my spare time, I enjoy the beach, reading astrology books, gardening and spending time with grandchildren.