Milton Santos LCSW

I am a resident of Palm Beach County where I live with my wife and two children. In my spare time you can find me at the beach, spending time with family or enjoying soccer. I am originally from Lima-Peru and moved to Connecticut as a teenager to reunite with my father and siblings. I attended college in Connecticut and graduated with a duo major in Psychology and Philosophy from Sacred Heart University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University in 2010. I have extensive work experience in different hospitals, community agencies, youth, adolescent and family recovery and treatment centers and at Barry University School of Social Work Guardianship Program.

My clinical expertise is with children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, as well as individuals with disabilities. Through my experience I have learned many lessons and developed clinical skills to provide holistic and a multifaceted approach. As a psychotherapist with Boca Raton and Delray Beach Psychiatry I hope to make a difference by empowering adolescents, teenagers, individuals, couples, and families to find power, strength and emotional confidence. I will go through the turbulent times and be there with you to the light at the end of the tunnel.