Dr. Julio Ballestas MD

I was born in Fort Lauderdale and since a young age, I’ve been exposed to multiple cultures as I was partially raised in South America. Since teenage years, I found myself helping many friends deal with personal difficulties. I was fascinated to better understand the human mind and behavior. Since the beginning of medical school, psychiatry was my first choice as I felt compassion for those suffering from conditions usually misunderstood by others. I was determined to find better ways of treatment and to reduce the stigma of mental health.

I completed my psychiatric residency in New York at Albert Einstein and a Fellowship at Yale University. After graduation, I became interested helping the underserved, and became a volunteer at Columbia University and traveled to Uganda, Africa to understand the health and mental health needs in underdeveloped countries. My passion to learn different treatment modalities led me to study Nutritional Psychiatry, Epigenetics, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine. I later traveled to India and learned the importance of mindfulness meditation. Based on my international travel and multicultural experiences, I developed a global perspective on human wellbeing focusing on holistic treatments to help the mind, body and spirit.

After many years traveling and studying; I decided to come back to my home state and be close to my family. In my free time you can hear me playing drums, Latin ballroom dancing, or enjoying the day at the beach. I am known to be very friendly, humorous, and outgoing with positive energy.